Working from home: How to do video meetings successfully

Working from home: How to do video meetings successfully

With working from home becoming the new normal for most workers, it’s clear that one thing we’ve taken for granted during the ongoing crisis is office meetings.

For a lot of businesses, meetings are vital. They are a chance to communicate to staff what is happening in the business, discuss plans and to receive any feedback from their employees. Unfortunately, due to the current climate and a large proportion of people remote working, meetings have had to go virtual.

However, these virtual meetings may have become the highlight of your working day, it’s a chance to catch up with colleagues, see a familiar face and update your team on what you’re working on.

There’s no denying that these meetings will feel a whole lot different to a meeting set-up in the office. You’ll run into a few complications when having a meeting from home, whether it’s interruptions from your family members and pets or that terrible lighting from your dining room table.

If you’re running into issues when checking in on a virtual meeting, we’re on hand to deliver some handy tips to make remote meetings worthwhile and productive.

Do a test run

First things first, do a test run before your meeting. We all know how unpredictable modern-day technology can be, so it’s best to check everything’s running smoothly before diving into a meeting.

Double-check your video call app is working, test your microphone and camera, and make sure you have strong WIFI signal, you don’t want to lose contact with your team 10 minutes into an important call.

Give a pre-warning

There’s nothing worse than receiving a video call request that you had no idea about. If you’re the host of the meeting, ensure you give your teammates at least a 24-hour notice before hand, along with a brief agenda to outline what’s being discussed. This way you won’t catch anybody off guard and people can come prepared.


Get the right setting

Although you’re not physically at work, it’s important to make sure you still look professional in front of your teammates.

Avoid taking meeting calls on the sofa or lying in bed, this will make you look disengaged and you probably won’t retain much information. Instead, sit at a desk or a kitchen table (preferably with a neutral background) and give your surroundings a quick tidy. Then you’ll be good to go.


Dress appropriately

You wouldn’t show up to a meeting in the office in your pyjamas and dressing gown, so why do the same when working from home?

As with the setting, the same applies for your appearance. By all means, you don’t have to wear something you would normally wear to the office. Just make sure you wear something presentable that you’d normally wear.

Use headphones

Using headphones when joining in on a video meeting will make the whole experience a lot smoother than relying on your computer’s speakers and mic. Headphones will limit the amount of background noise coming in on the call. So, there’s no potential embarrassment from your dog barking at the postman in the background.

They’ll also keep you more focused during the meeting, helping you to retain important information.

Leave time to chat

We’re all human and interaction is essential to our everyday lives. For many it can be a struggle not going into work and seeing their colleagues every day, so for them, video meetings will probably be the most exciting part of their day.

To keep spirits up within your team, set aside some time at the end of the meeting to wind down and let everyone have a catch-up. Remember, working from home can make people feel isolated and lonely. It’s proven that social contact is vital to your mental health and can help many cope with stress and life changes.



Although they can be tricky to get used to and prove intimidating for the camera-shy, video meetings will more than likely become a key part of your role if you’re now working from home.

So, if virtual meetings are completely new to you, or you're simply trying to get grips with best practices, follow these straightforward  steps to ensure you get the best out of your meeting.

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